Sound is a part of our lives. It follows us wherever we go. We love it and we hate it. It gives us joy and pleasure but it is also the most common cause of complaints in our homes. Sound enforced from the surrounding is commonly experienced as noise.

The Revolutionary Sound Absorbing Screw - in short, the Sound Screw - can accomplish sound insulation many people ask for. It is easy to use. Replace your regular screw with a Sound Screw and your problems with unpleasant sound is solved, without adding extra building materials or extra work. It is tested with amazing results. When mounted the Sound Screw provides a resilient connection between panels and studs in a way where a substantial part of airborne as well as impact sound can be absorbed by the screws.

There is a huge, profitable and approachable business opportunity for the sound absorbing screw in the global market.

Easy to use
No extra material or manpower

The Sound Screw


The Revolutionary Sound Absorbing Screw have many advantages: no thicker walls, no thicker floors, no additional insulation or building elements and expensive acoustic profiles. It simply replaces ordinary screws in your ordinary building design .

The Revolutionary Sound Absorbing Screw means less cost of material and manpower.

Among all advantages, the most important is its ability to release valuable living space as the sound insulated wall can be thinner compared to ordinary walls.


The ability to absorb sound have been tested at The Sound Research Laboratories in UK, at the Technical University in Denmark and at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB. Mechanical tests of strength and stiffness of have been tested at Lund University, Sweden. All test have shown amazing results.


The design and use of the new innovation is patented in many countries e.g. Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Great Britain, Finland, Norway, USA and Sweden of course.

External Support

The development of The Sound Absorbing Screw has been supported by Vinnova, Sweden´s Innovation Agency and Innovation Skåne.

Outstanding Sound Insulation

Nine decibel improvement compared with ordinary screws on a standard wall when The Revolutionary Sound Absorbing Screw was tested at the Official Swedish Test Institute (RISE)

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